Express Media Group has launched four new informational sites. New opportunities of online advertising

september 2016

Under the realization of an ambitious and far-reaching strategy in the Internet, a group of companies "Express Media Group” has recently presented four new online resources — popular news websites designed for readers with wide interests.

Information about the most interesting things in the world official and traditional medicine now can be found on the website "Dobryi Likar" ( Here every reader will also find some recommendations from the best doctors on how to preserve health. What are the world preventive measures against cancer? How many kilometers per day should be walked to feel healthy? Who cannot do x-rays? How useful these or other products are? And more — the secrets of traditional medicine and original recipes of treatment. Advertising on the website will be especially effective for medical products and services trading, pharmaceutics.

On the website "Plus Sport" ( you will find out all sports news in Ukraine at first hand. Exclusive commentaries from sportsmen and trainers, immediate reviews and the latest sports news. Sports fans will be satisfied! Men, who are interested in sports events, are the vast majority of the site’s audience.

The website "Zhinochyi Poradnyk" (Women’s Advisor) ( is an online magazine on how to be a beautiful and gorgeous woman, how to be a wonderful mother and wife, how to achieve success in career and in personal relationships. Life stories, news of social life, exclusive conversations with the stars of show business and sport, useful psychologists and doctors’ recommendations, as well as tested recipes, fashion trends — all information is posted on one website. With the website Zhinochyi Poradnyk (Women’s Advisor) you will find out not only the secrets of women success, but also spend a good time.

And finally, the website "Svitua" ( is created to become an informative pulse of the Ukrainian Diaspora all over the world. Here everyone can learn about Ukrainians’ life in all parts of the world, from Poland to Canada, from Australia to Paraguay! Those who plan to emigrate can also find some useful information on the website. Advertising on the website “Svitua” is a great opportunity to attract attention of new customers and partners.

It is important that all new sites are naturally connected with the group’s flagship in the Internet — by the website