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Pensioner’s Newsletter

“Pensioner’s Newsletter” is a newspaper about the problems of people of preretirement and retirement age.

Newspaper topics:

- pension reforms

- question-and-answer session with experts in social matters

- answers to readers’ letters

- advice on how to mind and improve one’s health

- interesting facts from history

- life stories of ordinary people

- advice for farmers

- interesting topics about every-day life of pensioners

- also you will find advice for would-be pensioners and those who have just retired – how to get used to a new period in life after one has taken well-deserved rest.

Purpose-oriented readership: people over 50 interested in retirement savings.

Publication frequency: once a month

Circulation (copies): 30 000

Format: A3

Number of pages: 20-24

Readership: 176 000

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