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Rural Truth Plus

Target audience of the Rural Truth Plus covers people aged 40+. The readers of this newspaper reside outside cities and towns and are involved in natural household activities. This periodical is a perfect fit for advertizing of specialized goods and services.

Rural Truth Plus is a newspaper about concerns of pre-pension and pension age.

Newspaper topics:

— household maintenance recommendations;

— pension reforms, consultancy of lawyers and specialist in the pension sphere;

— healthcare recommendations;

— recommendation for farmers on planting and harvesting;

— life stories of average people;

— interesting topics about everyday life in rural areas.

Advertising in the Rural Truth Plus is a perfect communicator with the audience residing in the rural area. Therefore, advertising of specialized goods and services for the mentioned target audience will be very effective.

Publication frequency: 1x per month.

Circulation (copies): 50 000

Format A3

Volume: 24 pages.


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