For Advertisers / Retsepty Hospodyni (Housewife’s Recipes)


Housewife's Recipes Magazine (Retsepty Hospodyni)

Housewife's Recipes is a multicolored Ukrainian-speaking magazine about healthy eating:

- all the recipes are compiled by our readers

- attractive retail price and convenient format

- remuneration to all the authors of the published recipes

Housewife's Recipes is popular mainly among women who are keen cooks for their families and themselves. This is a beneficial factor for advertising in this periodical. You will also have a chance to advertise in the Housewife's Recipes at a newspaper cost.

Publication frequency: 4x per quarter.

Circulation (copies): 220 000

Format: 135x200 mm

Volume: 68 pages

Target audience: females aged 25+ with a middle level of income, keen on culinary.



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