"Expres Media Group" — group of companies that produces the world's largest number of its own periodical newspapers and magazines in Ukrainian language.The company sells newspapers and magazines to 18 countries of the world. 

Advertising in printed products of “Expres Media Group" is a highly effective and productive way to gain market leadership, increase sales and enhance brand position.

Your advertisements at our site, which is one of the twentieth best advertising sites, is a bright opportunity for advertisers to draw attention of a many-million online audience.

The modern printing complex of “Expres Media Group" provides services for newspapers and magazines printing as well as textbooks and advertising materials printing. The quality of our printing services meets the highest standards.

Our company can be characterized as a professional bright and energetic company.

The main value of “Expres Media Group" is a successful team of young and ambitious managers who apply only innovative market solutions for our Company development. development. 


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