For Advertisers / Sites

Advertisements on news websites of the company – a fair opportunity for advertisers attract one million audience.
Website advertising:
- banner advertisements
- text materials display 

Bright banner advertisement is one of the best methods to announce oneself to the Internet audience. This is an opportunity to increase Your company awareness on the Internet, attract more visitors to Your website and heighten interest in advertised products. 
Display of advertisement materials on the website includes an advance advertisement on the home page, publication of information in appropriate section according to the news topic, + photos and a clickthrough.
Expres Online website ( is one of the leaders among news sites of Ukraine with over one million audience.
The website Lviv News ( is a twenty-four-hours information resource about events in Lviv and Lviv region.

The website Svitua ( – current news for Ukrainian emigrants and those, who plans to live abroad.

The website Dobryj Likar ( – news about health, traditional medicine, healthy lifestyle. 

The website Plus Sport ( – immediate news about Ukrainian and world sport.

The website Zhinochiy Poradnyk ( – is an online magazine for women. About happiness, that we create with our hands. 




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