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Group companies “Express Media Group” is a publisher of about 20 newspapers and magazines with various topics. Every our reader may find interesting information that suits his/her tastes.

Express”, “Blitz”, “Fact! Life Truth” and “Post Progress” newspapers cover social and political sphere. Useful doctors’ and herbalist’s advises are provided in magazine “Good Doctor”; advises for successful householding you may find in the “Householder's Advisor”. For women we have full of life stories newspaper 

“My Confession” and magazine “Housewife’s Recipes”.

In the latter, “Housewife’s Recipes. Secrets of Delicious Cuisine”, you may find over 100 recipes in every issue. For people residing outside big cities and towns we offer our interesting newspaper Rural Truth Plus. For children and their parents we publish developing magazine “Little Hare” and for the most demanding readers we have our newspaper “History Plus” discovering unknown pages of history and

"Lilac. Ukrainian's Library. Golden Collection.” with the best Ukrainian translation of the most famous classic and modern writers.

All publications “Express Media Group” and issues implement socially oriented honest and responsible editorial policy. Freedom of opinion and ideas, pluralism, criticism, impartiality, objectivity in coverage are the core values adhered by every journalist of our Company.





Pensioner's Newsletter


PORADNYK (Woman"s guide)


COOL Express

Moya spovid


Blyskava (Lightning)

Little Hare

Rural Truth Plus



DOBRYJ LIKAR (Good Doctor) (+ Pensiia (Pension) supplement)




Retsepty Hospodyni (Housewife’s Recipes)



History Plus


Lilac. Ukrainian’s Library. Golden Collection


Fact! Life truth


Work and study abroad





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