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Presentation of the newspaper "Express" (pdf)

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Various researches regularly and formally confirm that “Express” is the largest Ukrainian-speaking newspaper in the country that outruns by its size the readership of any printed publications distributed throughout Ukraine.

“Express” occupies the leading place among the Ukrainian printed publications from Uzhhorod to Kyiv! It is a universal key to new customers.

“Express” has 1,5 times lower price for the relationship of a target audience with the advertising messages (SRT) among the similar all-Ukrainian publications!

“Express” – is a newspaper of successful people. The ratio of people with high and average income among the readers of “Express” is 23,14% higher than among the readers of the similar all-Ukrainian publications.

“Express” – is a newspaper of well-rounded people. 87,2% of the readership constitute the readers with complete higher and secondary education.

Advertising in “Express” – is the best solution for satisfying your advertising and marketing needs within the current market environment!

For placement of ads in “Express” please contact the advertising department:

(032) 297-47-77, 297-47-97 (the department of direct ad sales)

(032) 298-84-35 (the department of cooperation with ad agencies)

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