For Advertisers / Dobryi Likar (Good Doctor)

Good Doctor

Good Doctor– is a full-color newspaper of advices and recipes that help you not only to preserve your health but also to improve it.

The people`s paper that is unlike other papers since it is based on the proven stories of our readers and consultations of highly-qualified specialists.

The best doctors of the country cooperate with the editorial board of the “Good Doctor”, commenting on the articles and answering the letters of the readers.

The special section “Pension” – provides the detailed information on pension accounting and payment, social welfare payment and other state payments.

Advertising in “Good Doctor” – is a perfect opportunity to easily and efficiently attract attention of the readership that is interested in traditional medicine and cares about its health and the health of its family.

Publication frequency: 2x per month

Circulation, copies: 189 000

Format: 210 х 297 mm

Volume: 48 pages

Target audience: 349 600

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