Target audience

Target audience

Newspapers and magazines of “Expres Media Group” companies’ group is promising and qualitative audience*.

“Expres Media Group” in authoritative studies – presentation (pdf)

Readership of our periodicals totals 7,100,794 persons and is represented throughout Ukraine.

1 copy of a periodical is read by 3.75 persons.

Advertisement placed in newspapers and magazines of the companies’ group came useful for 54.3% of readers.

70.3% of our audience are people aged from 18 to 55. This is the target audience that is active in purchasing.

64.5% of our readers are people with high and middle income who can afford making various purchases.

97.5% of readers of the newspapers and magazines of “Express Media Group” companies’ group is highly educated audience

*The data of Rating sociological company, June 2015


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