Another landslide victory in the top list of Ukrainian-language publications

оctober 2016

Sociological studies over the last years have confidently demonstrated that the largest Ukrainian-language newspaper of Ukraine is “Express”. The today’s data of TNS Ukraine (MM’2016/2) are no exception – Newspaper “Express” has once again confirmed its position and was officially recognized as a national Ukrainian-language newspaper No. 1.

Indeed, over the last six months 6% of urban population of our country has read specifically Newspaper “Express”. The second best newspaper, which almost threefold yields its position after “Express” – 2.3 %, is “Hazeta po-ukrayinsky” (Newspaper in Ukrainian).

By the way, among those who participated in the study and stated reading specifically Ukrainian-language Newspaper “Express”, 13.3% of respondents indicated Russian as the main language of communication.

Furthermore, Newspaper “Express” falls under the group of companies “Express Media Group”, which is the world’s largest publishing company of Ukrainian-language newspapers and magazines.

The survey was conducted by TNS Ukraine throughout the whole territory of Ukraine. The survey method was personal interview of respondents at home.

Population – people aged 12 to 65 residing in the cities of Ukraine, population of cities 50 000 +. Survey time frame: June 01, 2016 to June 25, 2016. Sampled population – 3 500 respondents.